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TFT Display as Name Badge with Contact Information


 This wearable electronics project demonstrates using a touch sensitive TFT display to act as a name badge with contact information.

Parts Used in This Project


The software uses the resistive touch screen to detect swipes.   When a swipe is detected, the app displays the corresponding image on the file system.

Swipe Direction to Filesystem Moves

See the 'Image Layout on SD Card section, for details on the file layout of the images for this project.

Image Format

The software for the TFT display requires the images in 24-bit BMP (.bmp file) format and have a width and height of 240x320.

Image Layout on SD Card

The application has a constraint on the layout of the images on the SD card. 

The application requires that all photos reside under a directory named 'ALBUM/' at the root of the SD card. Under ALBUM/ directories named A-Z (A, B, C, etc...) each hold files named 'A-Z.bmp" (A.bmp, B.bmp, C.bmp, etc...).

Here is a sample layout for the images:

Source Code



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