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Borg Ship Cosplay


This Borg ship cosplay features sound reactive lights, EL wire (regular and chasing type), EL tape, and LED strands.

The Borg head gear has a laser diode with 3D printed mount.

The project also uses 3D printing for the Starship Enterprise props.

Designing and Modeling

Using OpenSCAD for Mockups

The design for the Borg ship cosplay started on paper.

Below are some photos of the hand drawn notes.



Hardware & Software

Sound Reactive LED Matrix - IS31FL3731 with Audio Input

The 4th/front panel reuses the work from this project:

IS31FL3731 Audio Input

Get that project going, then continue here.

Borg Eyepiece

The Borg eyepiece is 3D printed with a mount for a laser diode and slots to attached a Velcro head strap.

This version of the cyborg eyepiece was made with OpenSCAD.

The OpenSCAD source code is on Github: Borg Eye Piece Source Code

The 3D printing files are on Thingiverse: Borg Eye Piece 3D Print Files

Here are some photos:


LED Strands

Wire Light LED Strand - 12 Green LEDs + Coin Cell Holder

El Tape

Green Electroluminescent (EL) Tape Strip - 100cm w/2 connectors

EL Wire

High Brightness Green Electroluminescent (EL) Wire - 2.5 meters - High brightness, long life

Jumper Wire - JST Black Red

This part was used to connect the Adafruit EL tap to the EL Sequencer board

Chasing EL Wire - Green 3m & Connector

Chasing EL Wire - Green 3m

EL Wire Chasing Adapter Cable

EL Sequencer (Arduino IDE compatible)

This project uses a SparkFun EL Sequencer to control the EL wire and El tape.

The source code for this Arduino IDE compatible board is on Github: Borg Ship EL Sequencer Source Code


Below are some photos of the Borg ship while being put together:












The project is powered as follows:

The following product plugs into a standard 5V USB port:

USB TO 2.1mm DC Booster Cable - 9V

The DC booster cable then connects to this splitter cable:

2-Way 2.1mm DC Barrel Jack Splitter Squid

One end of the splitter cable goes to this EL inverter

EL Inverter - 12v

The EL inverter's other end connects to the EL sequencer board's 'AC in' JST connector.

The other end of the splitter goes to this JST adapter cable:

Barrel Jack to 2-pin JST

The other end of the JST adapter cable goes to the EL sequencer board's 'Batt in' JST connector.

Add some EL wire to the other end of the board and plug in the USB booster cable to power the project.

Going Further


A nice feature to this project would be sounds from the show or voice clips.

EL Wire Light Patters and Dimming EL Wire

Another feature that did not make it this time was dimming and on/off patterns for the EL components. Maybe sound reactive EL wire patterns would look cool.



This is the image used for the Borg panels Borg ship pattern

I almost selected these image for the pattern:


Seeing this product made me want to make my own:

Borg lamp

These videos were used as Borg ship reference:

Top Ten Review

The Battle of Sector 001

Voyager - Borg vs. Species 8472                    

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