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Acoustic Night Sign Features

Sign Infrastructure

The sign's frame is 5'5" x 2'11" and made of cardboard. We bought a large sheet from a packaging company.

The knight in the foreground is made of cardboard and painted with gold glitter spay paint.

The background is made of one sheet of blue fabric.


    Scrolling Text
        string sound meter
            Originally the design was to have 4 string on the guitar sound meter.  
            After adding a 3rd string/light strip the sound reaction and visualization 
            was negatively effected.  So the design was changed to use just 2 NeoPixel LED strips.

        tuning knobs
            pattern: fast, slow, fast
        The mohawk is made of EL wire and driven by a Sparkfun El wire sequencer.  
        The design was created by Adrain M. 


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